This site is intended to be a place to communicate with family and friends. You will find mostly Taylor family information here.

You can now send email to the administrator!  Just send your comments to admin@lotaylor.net . You can try clicking on the link here.  But if you do not use a local mail client, you may have to manually address your message to to the indicated address.  I have just begun with developing the site and most of the information available is in the family history link.

This data is in a "canned" format from a genealogy software package known as "Gramps." If you find errors in this data, please let me know via email.

There are several families and individuals that are indirectly related (i.e. by marriage) included in the data base and these also show up in the website.

I expect to augment this site with more links and data in the near future.

You can view my Personal Library. This is an Mysql database that I am continuing to update. I have a collection of paper-back and hard-back books consisting mostly of Science Fiction stories but also including Adventure, Mystery, and Horror. Some of these date from the 50's. The cataloging has just begun and you will find this data changing frequently.
Romulan Bird of Prey
A Romulan Bird of Prey

My Family History provides a set of genealogical data from the Gramps software translated into a Web page format. The data is mostly descendants of Wright Taylor who was originally from Georgia and South Carolina in the 1700's. His descendants are followed to modern times in Southern Indiana. Mostly Warrick County.
Owen Taylor as a child
My Father, Owen Taylor in about 1921
LO Taylor